Yoga Day at Dodger Stadium

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The other week, my boyfriend and I got to go onto the baseball field and get our Downward Dodger Dog on in the middle of Dodger Stadium — basically the most incredible time I’ve ever had on a professional baseball field!

Okay, okay, it was the first time I’ve even been on a major league baseball field, but still, wow! If you love the grand ‘ol American pastime of baseball, yoga, or just want to experience some of the fun of the city of Los Angeles, you must (must, must, must) do this.

Lauren Alex Dodger Game

The MLB (Major League Baseball) hosts theme games now, an uber-fun way of getting more fans into the stands at Game Time. We’re lucky here in LA to be fitness and body conscious – yeah you read that right, I did say “lucky.” Though, ahem, we don’t all have to have the bodies of Victoria Secret’s models… though some of us do strive to! 😉

Yoga and Los Angeles just seem to go hand in hand so it couldn’t have been a more perfect combo to get our yoga on at Dodger Stadium.  Getting to go onto the same field that Dodger greats Sandy Koufax, Mike Piazza and Manager Tommy Lasorda have played on, so so soooo exciting. And to walk barefoot in that grass, the icing on the baseball-themed cake.  (Ladies, if you want bonus points from your sport addict boyfriend, trust me, this is the place to go!)

Lauren Dodger Game

Marika fitness apparel sponsored the yoga event after the game against the Atlanta Braves (yahoo, we won!!) The post-game, chi-taming yoga session was led by instructors from AuraYoga (their studio is on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood and they were awesome). Post-gaming yoga after baseball, hmmm… sounds a little like Flywheel to me! (Yoga after spin if you’re not spin-obsessed like me!)

Dodger Yoga Day will be back next year for those who missed it.  Or perhaps you can check it out in other stadiums.  Yoga for the Marlins/Colorado Rockies game at Coors Stadium on August 6th.  Marlins/Washington Nationals at National Park on October 2nd.  (Hm, Marlins again? I’m seeing a theme here!)  Check out the fun games going on in your own hometown.  Hint: you may get some brownie points for Father’s Day and/or with your boyfriend!

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