Touring Dodger Stadium

It’s true. In Los Angeles, the only cure for the Dodger Blues is even more Dodgers action. But apart from a World Series Win—which, hey, let’s hope this is the season—the best way to feed your insatiable Dodger fix is to head to Elysian Park. But while seeing a game may be a blast, a REAL fan should go deep. Deep enough to tour inside the stadium. Whet your appetite with the basics you might see at the game, but then venture further to get an insider’s look at everything from the press box to the clubhouse to the dugout.

Really, I’m just looking out for your health.

And you’ll have a blast. Loyal Dodger fan or just curious to see the house that Koufax and Drysdale and Gibson and others built. Originally the Brooklyn Dodgers—and as far as many New Yorkers are concerned, they still are—the team moved to sunny LA in the early 60s and revolutionized the game. Of course, the team was always leading the way. In 1947, the team introduced the iconic Jackie Robinson (#42) into the league, making him the first African-American to play major league baseball. While he never played in Los Angeles, the team honors him to this day outside the stadium where fans can take pictures with his number.

Opened in 1962, Dodger Stadium is the third-oldest in the majors. Or at least the third-oldest among those still standing (the Dodgers’ original home of Ebbets Field has since been torn down to pave way for apartments).

Some faves that you’ll see on the tour:


Remember when the Dodgers found out they were heading to the World Series? Well, you won’t be able to champagne spray the heck out of this place like they did, but you can wander in—which is (nearly) as amazing.


No, you won’t be allowed to play on the field… but you will be invited to walk such hallowed ground. And take that all important picture. Your social media account will thank you.


Walking all around the stadium can be tiring… I mean, where better to sit down for a moment than the dugout? Yup, I thought so too.


Go where Dodgers legend Vin Scully had gone for his incredible 67-year career with the team. Often considered to be the greatest sports broadcaster of all time, Vin is especially beloved here in his home turf. But the Press Box has also been home to a slew of other celeb broadcasters as well, of course. After all, the magic isn’t only found on the field.

For a writer, this is the room where it happens.


Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do any jumping squats. And while you won’t actually be invited into the gym, you will get to see inside through the windows. Which is basically all you need.

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