Once upon a time (or so it would seem), there were storybook villages and towns all through Europe. Towns that were surrounded by picturesque medieval city walls with sweet half-timbered houses, wrought iron signs and look like they could be home of your favorite fairytale princes and princesses… think Cinderella, Snow White and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

And in actuality, the charmingly rustic “little town, it’s a quiet village” of Riquewihr actually is the home of Belle. At least, sort of.

In the 90s, Disney animators were drawn to this magical town and used it as one of two French towns that they drew inspiration (or copied outright) for the beloved animated film and Belle’s “small provincial town.”

On first sight, you’ll see exactly why. Stroll up cobblestone streets and narrow lanes finding endearingly beautiful homes and businesses, along with tasty treats and world-class wines.



You mean, apart from living out every possible Beauty and the Beast moment you possibly can? Well, the French have always been synonymous with shopping–and it’s no different in Riquewihr.

Historic architecture buffs will enjoy checking out the Dolder Gate, which has been here since the 13th century, as well as the Thieves’ Tower Museum. There is also a Wine Museum that is a fun treat for oenophiles.



Honestly, basically everything you can get your hands on. Maybe it’s their joie de vivre way of life, but the French certainly know how to make the world’s best pastries and macarons and croissants (I could go on, but then we’d BOTH be hungry!). And with Riquewihr being located in the Germanic Alsace region, pretzels are everywhere so, uh, really it would be rude not to indulge in a pretzel every time you pass a patisserie selling them (so get ready to eat a lot of pretzels!)

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