Rebecca Minkoff / Empowered By you Collab

As we all know, this has been a difficult and perhaps eye-opening week. I know it’s cliché, but if there’s any good that can come out of the devastating attacks on Paris, let it be the understanding that we are all connected.

Lauren Minkoff Empowered By You

On Thursday night, I was at Rebecca Minkoff’s West Hollywood event celebrating her collaboration with the philanthropic Empowered By You. Created by Renata Black, Empowered By You is a seamless line of lingerie which gives you a seamless pantyline – yup, you won’t see a thing (sorry, boys!)

But the line is not just about panties. It’s also a mission. Twenty percent of all net profits go directly towards empowering women out of poverty and into business via microfinance. On the backs of each 3-pack of panties is the name of the woman whose business you are helping sponsor. Many of these women only need a few hundred as feed money.

Rebecca Minkoff herself was there to take in the party as well. We spoke about the ever-evolving trends of fashion. More than ever, bloggers and Instagram and SnapChat are starting to buck trends quicker and faster than the latest Vogue can arrive in the mail. Fashion lovers are looking for more than just a cute dress or a sweet bag. They want to be fashion insiders themselves, interacting with designers and labels via IG and other channels. They want more than a story. They want to be a part of the vision.


The new flagship speaks to millenials with this sensibility. From the interactive mirrors in every dressing room (want to see what your new #musthave #ootd will look like in the Santa Monica am or the WeHo pm, just flip a switch!) to hosted fitness events held in the backroom (so fun, see some of my previous posts on these!) or the parties, every fashionista feels central to their own story. Rebecca Minkoff herself was so gracious and down to earth, explaining how she wants the new store to tell her own story. A fashion lover since an early age to be sure, she’s excited to bring together many of her other passions under one roof: charitable works, fitness, and #fun.

And also… food! During the shop for a cause event, guests were also treated to yummy appetizers from Sakara Life. Healthy and delicious and almost entirely vegan (they do use honey in a few of the menu options), I couldn’t get enough of the crackers topped with roasted balsamic pear and cashew butter. Sooooo good! Check them out at!


Panties from the collaboration between Rebecca Minkoff and Empowered By You can be found in the Melrose flagship store. For more designs, check out the website.


Rebecca Minkoff (and menswear line Uri Minkoff) is located at 8335 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles 90069.

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