PLT x Paper Magazine Coachella Bash

Coachella is one of the best times of year in Los Angeles — and Los Angeles-adjacent Palm Springs (and in LA, this city of non-stop driving angels where it sometimes feel like we spend out LIFE in traffic… a two hour drive DOES feel like it’s right next door!)

It was all palm trees, glitter, hair braids, and fun when fashion brand Pretty Little Liars (lip kit maven Kylie Jenner is a big fan) put together an amazing bash to kick things off for the Coachella festival on Friday, April 14th in a ginormous and stunningly palatial mansion in Palm Springs, worth over 7 million dollars. Yeah, Coachella is like that. The bigger and wilder the better. And the PLTxPaper party was all in.

Along with glam queen Kylie Jenner, who arrived with her squad and a shockingly (it’s Kylie, is anything so shocking?) neon hair bob, DJ French Montana was in the house to perform some sets for the excited crowd. Add to the mix, Baby’s Badass Burgers and Fries (yum!) natural ice creams, (un) natural (but delicious) cotton candy, the glitter queens of the Gypsy Shrine and beGLAM app and Coachella was off to a fab start!

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