Miky’s – Cinque Terre Restaurant Review

Seriously, I am still drooling over this perfect lunch at Miky’s in Cinque Terre. Give me a moment to get my bearings, but in the meantime, I’ll whet your appetite with a few pix!


Whew! Okay, so now we are probably BOTH drooling. But it’s okay. Because this may just be the best (or at least one of the best?) restaurants I have EVER been to.

When researching our trip, we heard about Miky’s and their pasta dishes that come to the table with pizza dough draped over the bowl. Which certainly SOUNDED amazing — but trust me, is nothing close to how absolutely and utterly AMAZEBALLS it tasted. My brother and sister-in-law are planning their trip to Italy and I wondered if they should visit Cinque Terre just to come to this restaurant. Not that Cinque Terre isn’t incredible on its own. Because it certainly is. But where on earth can you enjoy pasta–and pizza–like this?!? (Seriously, if you know, please let me know!)

Book your ticket, and your reservation, asap!


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