Denver isn’t the only foodie town in Colorado (hello, Denver omelet!). Aspen is full of flavor!


If there’s anything that everyone can agree on, it’s ice cream. And it seems everyone in Aspen truly does agree that the place you must, must, must go to is Paradise Bakery. And it truly does live up to its paradise namesake for ice cream foodie fanatics. #Sweettooth? You’re in luck. This is the best ice cream in all of Aspen and always comes with your choice of cookie on top—and the cookie is soooooo good. Be prepared for a huge line, but that’s part of the fun. And they’re great about offering you samples for both the ice cream and the cookies. #Yum!

Where to go? 320 S Galena Street. It’s right in the middle of Downtown Aspen so you’ll only pass it 50 times.



One of Aspen’s buzziest restaurants, The Wild Fig has a European chic charm in both décor and its very elegant, Instagram-worthy cuisine. This is a perfect as both a date night restaurant or special occasion with family. The ‘Flavors of the Sea’ dish is pretty much a must and comes with a trio of deliciousness: white fish ceviche, tuna tartare and grilled octopus. But the Fazzoletti Pasta is also out of this world. And really, there wasn’t anything on the menu that didn’t look obscenely delicious.

Where to go? 315 E Hyman Avenue. It’s also smack in the heart of Downtown Aspen.



Tucked away in the upstairs of one of the cutest bookstores I’ve ever seen, Pyramid Bistro serves up the kind of healthy, organic and nutritious cuisine that is perfect for this Los Angeles girl. There’s plenty of vegetarian options here too! My boyfriend’s family is from Colorado and so they know all the hotspots and out of the way gems. I always love to eat healthy, particularly when the food is prepared so creatively and I loved it here at Pyramid Bistro.

Where to go? 221 East Main Street. Again, located in Downtown Aspen but it’s a block or two away from the main hub which makes it feel like even more of a find.



One of Hunter S. Thompson’s faves, the legendary author of the cult classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, was such a regular here that plenty of his memorabilia remains as a sort of homage in this biker friendly, could have been right out of a Sons Of Anarchy set restaurant. As far as what to eat, you’ll definitely want to go for the enchiladas and other hearty fare, but skip the ceviche. It was just okay and felt sort of like the ‘forced healthy option’ on the menu. Also, they’re famous for their margarita but beware: it’s crazy strong and if you’re not used to drinking in such a high altitude, you will not enjoy the headache that can come with it. I had three sips of my boyfriend’s drink and whoa! One other note: they don’t take credit cards. Yes, seriously. So either bring cash or your ATM card (they have a machine in the back though there is a slight charge to use it).

Where to go? 2858 Upper River Road, Woody Creek, CO. Yep, technically this is not in Aspen (or Snowmass), but it’s just a short drive away. Go here and you’ll eat like a true local!


Yes, you can have Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Rocky Mountains! Before the company was in every mall chain throughout suburban America, this little slice of chocolate heaven started in Colorado. Indulge while you’re here, the chocolate should taste even sweeter!

Where to go? 401 E Cooper Avenue. Smack in the heart of Downtown Aspen again!


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