Need Holiday Gifts? – Extra Blogger Ideas!

I actually love the frenzy of the holiday shopping season. Perhaps not the crazy parking lots – but there’s a certain treasure-hunter gene that kicks in when looking for that perfect gift. Human nature, I suppose. Not that there’s not some incredible items you’ll find in the stores… but I’ve had fun this year getting invited to check out some new-on-the-market gadgets and fashion labels and beauty products so I wanted to share some of my favorites:



FLYGRIP – A perfect gift (and stocking stuffer) for any of the folks on your list that have a mobile phone… aka, everyone. I’ve been using mine since I met with their development team at StyleXtech during September’s NYFW. The very next day, I was basically selling the Flygrip Gravity on my own (minus the commission) as a result of all the “Where’d you get that?” questions I received.

See, it’s designed as a ‘smartphone and tablet accessory that allows one-handed use, kickstand ability, as well as real world multitasking.’ That’s what the company says, I simply cut through the jargon and say it’s awesome. I love mine, it couldn’t be more perfect for running around town. It keeps the phone secure in my hand as opposed to, you know, falling and breaking. The cost? About thirty bucks. Well worth it. Check them out on their website, they have plenty of fun designs to choose from: everything from kissy-faced emoticons (the one I have) to sports to animal prints to hearts. And for those of us who simply can’t wait for shipping and who live in the LA area, they carry the line at Kinsley in both the Westwood and Sherman Oaks locations.


ESPALIER SPORT – Got an obsessed Soul Cycle fan on your list? (And who doesn’t?) This is a must. I absolutely fell in love with this athleisure brand earlier this year, their designs are just gorgeous – perfect for going full beast mode at the gym, and then hitting up a café with friends for a post-workout smoothie. The cut and lines of their bra tops, in particular, are a delightful departure, offering a streamlined shape with a little sexy peek-a-boo. After all, when you’re working this hard at the gym, you want to be chic and show off! Check out their site at ( You’ll find plenty of gorgeous items for yourself (or even, if you’re super-nice, a friend.) Reposting a picture from their collection. Costs vary but think Lululemon prices even though they have more style and originality.

LG STYLER – Okay, this is for someone who’s got a few extra bucks to look their wrinkle-free, crisp best…. loves being techie chic… and really, really hates to iron. Hailing from the innovative folks at LG (aka LG Electronics – you know, the company that makes your phone/tv/washer, you name it), the LG Styler is a slick new high-tech steamer basically one-upping your local dry cleaner. Retailing for 2k (told ya, it’s for someone with some moo-lah), it uses patented TrueSteam technology to reduce wrinkles, eliminate odors, sanitize suits, dresses, sweaters and anything else you can think to wear. It also (bonus!) gently dries clothes without worrying about shrinkage or damage (really, who likes shrinkage?).



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