Dan Richters Art Hearts Fashion Show LAFW SPRING ’16

Waterworld meets Game of Thrones. This was Dan Richters’ vision for Spring ’16.


Realistically of course, these designs are not the most wearable for everyday life. But fashion – and particularly fashion shows – are often more about going over the top, being noticed, a way to stand out from the crowd. And Dan Richters’ line was one of my favorites of LAFW. It was so theatrical that it clearly lends itself to costume design. And of course, the show was held in Hollywood – home of the entertainment industry.

Models wore metallic neoprene dresses and crop top/skirt combos as they slinked down the runway to dark, mercurial DJ beats. Embellishments of spikes, scales and studs both brought us to the future while harkening images of fantasy and mythology. Shoulders and necklines and even a hooded mini-capelet which doubled as a very revealing top (well, it barely covered the models’ breasts so I suppose that counts) were truly out of this world.


Models’ hair was slicked back, as if the models had just risen from the ocean to walk down the catwalk for us.

Art Hearts was founded in 2011 by philanthropist and Mister Triple X designer Erik Rosete. Sponsors include Top Model, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Whole Foods. Mosaic Floral Design created the beautiful roses and lily installations that welcomed guests and was held at the tony Taglyan Complex in Hollywood.

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