Beauty at Blushington


Summer — that hottest season of all — is fast approaching. Wedding season, graduations and beach and pool parties are all on its way. And whether your #lookoftheday includes an evening gown or little more than a bikini and a smile, you know special occasions call for getting a little extra glammed up!

Enter Blushington. Sort of like a DryBar for beauty (and wouldn’t you know it, the WeHo Blushignton in Sunset Plaza is just steps away from Alli Webb’s hair hauteness salon). Blushington offers up an enticing host of services to make sure your #ootd’s go Insta-picture-perfect with your fab style. Choose from a menu with looks that are either ‘Red Carpet Ready’ or ‘TV Ready’ to everything else from eyelash extensions, brow maintenance and air-brushing foundation. Not exactly things you can get at the Bloomingdale’s makeup counter!

They also offer classes to learn their beauty secrets – as well as beauty packages. Sort of like a SoulCycle class pass!

Perfect for Bachelorette Parties and Wedding Day Makeup, grab a bunch of beauty-minded gal pals and go! I myself recently had a fun night out with my BloggerBabes and friends to check out Blushington and celebrate all things beauty.

I’m sure more spots will be popping up all over – but right now, there’s three locations right here in SoCal (WeHo, Newport Beach and Topanga), as well as boutiques for gorgeous NYC and Dallas ladies.

The future’s looking gorgeous!

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