Wine & Beer Tasting in Temecula



Who says Napa Valley has to have all the fun? Temecula is quickly becoming one of Cali’s latest hot spots for wine afficianadoes, thanks to its ideal climate reminiscent of the valleys of Spain and Italy. While the valley enjoys the typically warm SoCal climate, temps dip in the early morning and evening. Perfect for grapes.

There are over 40 wineries to choose from and I was lucky to visit two on my trip:


Savoring the afternoon at Vitagliano Vineyards & Winery

Vitagliano Vineyards & Winery is nestled on over ten stunning acres of rolling hills, panoramic views, waterfalls and ponds. The winery is a romantic setting which can be equally enjoyed for a day of wine tasting or any of their special events (movie nights, weddings, etc). Personally, I love sweet wines and this winery had several on hand so I was in paradise!

Akash Winery is new to the Temecula scene—so new that I was there on a press preview. It will be opening in a few months so be sure to call and plan your day beforehand, but it’s a must-visit if you love indulging in dry white wines and charming rosés amidst a setting of colorful artwork.


The craft beer scene is booming in Temecula. Unlike wines, whose differences in flavors can sometimes be more subtle, beer tastings can pack a powerful, in-your-face punch.

I visited Refuge Brewery. Known for its Belgian-style ales, the Brewery opened in 2012 and has been a standout ever since. Specialties of the house include beer with a blood orange IPA and a grapefruit IPA but the brewery always has a wide collection of brews available which are brewed in house. Call in advance and you may even be able to take a tour.


Looking to get your drink on in a different way? Temecula is also home to some super cool speakeasies that will entice the most hipster crowd.

I checked out the Apparition Room, located in Old Town’s Devilicious. Ask for Mo – he makes the most incredible drinks and is a total sweetheart.




While I was a guest of Visit Temecula Valley, all opinions are my own.

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